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VAT reference number: ES48778954w

The STL files provided by Davale Games are for personal use only! We advise reading the full terms below.  This is the legal agreement between you and Davale Games for the use of STL files. By purchasing, downloading, accessing or using our STL files, you agree to the terms below on behalf of yourself or any entity you represent.

If you do not agree withall the provisions of these terms of use, do not purchase, download, access or use theSTL files provided by Davale Games.

  • Davale Games is the owner of the STL files.The STL files are a copyrighted work belonging to Davale Games.


  • Davale Games grants you a non-transferable, non-exclusive license to use the files.


  • The license allows you to print the STL files for personal, non-commercial use only.


  • You may not sell, share, distribute, rent or transfer the STL files or the materials that you manufacture.


  • You may not modify, duplicate, create derivative works of, disassemble, reverse compile or reverse engineerany part of the STL files. No partmay be copied, reproduced, distributed, republished,or displayed.


  • Davale Games has no liability whatsoever for any data loss or corruption or any damaged caused to systems, 3Dprinters, data storage devices, computers or health caused by the STL files. The users agrees that it has soleresponsibility for protecting its data, system andhealth during the use of the STL files.


  • Davale Games has no obligation to provide support or guidance regarding the use of the STL files. Davale Games does not guarantee that their files will be optimized for every software system and 3D printer.


  • Davale Games and its brand, associated logos, images, photos, digital content, files, 3D designs, concept arts,videos, written content, audio, banners, posters, product designs, franchises, games, miniatures, products,packaging, code, software or any future mediaor formats created by Davale Games or any of its employees arethe copyright of Davale Games.


  • Any theft, redistribution, resale, imitation, licensing, leasing, or claimed ownership of Davale Games copyrighted brand and materials will be considered a breachof this contract, an infringement of copyrightlaw, and dealt with accordingly in keeping with Spanish Copyright and Related Rights.