Ring of Legends

  •  3x Guards of the Grey Tree ft

  • 1x Grey Castle Rocket Launcher with Dotation

  • 1x Grey Castle Trebuchet with Dotation

  • 1x Grey Castle banner Mounted

  • ✅ 1x Grey Castle horn Mtd and foot

  • 1x Madir, Captain of Rangers

  • 1x Damord, Captain of Rangers

Mythology at Wars

  • 3x Promodoi (Light Cavalry) (ZEUS)

  • 6x Tóxotes (archers) (ZEUS)

  • 3x Fenrir Wolf Litter(ODIN)

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  • Elven Gate and First Walls
  • 9x Columns
  • Elven Tower
  • Elven Buildings
  • 4x High Human Casualties
  • 6x Goblins of the Cave


Battle of the Catalaunian Plains

  • 6x Roman soldiers with armor
  • 6x Roman soldiers without armor
  • Aetius Mounted and Foot
  • 3x Interchangeable shield models

The History of Huns

  • Attila The Hun mounted and foot
  • 6x Archer riders

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